AuraShots is a stock photo e-commerce portal arm of AuraKomms Media Pictures Pvt. Ltd. It has a huge collection of classic Indian Images based in Mumbai, India that helps designers, bloggers, and everyone who is looking for visuals to find great photos that can be purchased and used. It is founded by Surendra Gupta. For more details, you can visit the About Us section.

Enter the name or keyword of the image you are searching in the search bar and press enter. The most relevant images will be displayed.

Yes. You can search images without registering on our site. But to add in your cart or favourites for later access, you'll need to Login or Register.

In order to view the detailed information about an image, click on its thumbnail image to go to the Image details page. The Image details page will provide the detailed information, like Image ID, file sizes, pricing and other information.

Yes, you can. You need to enter the Image ID of the image you are searching in the Search bar and press 'Search' button.

Yes, you need to register. Click here for the registration process with your complete mailing and billing details required as a part of the image buying process.

Aura Shots is a secure e-commerce site. We use the latest technology to ensure that the information provided by you is safe. You can read about security in our Privacy Policy.

On clicking the image, you want to purchase, you can find the details of the image including pricing. You can also view the breakup and total price of your images added in your cart, just before making the payment.

If you have a AuraShots account, all your downloads have been saved for you to see and re-download. You can easily find them by visiting your collections and clicking on the "My Orders"

  1. Click on the navigation button on top right of the page
  2. Click on ‘My Orders’

Yes. You can re-download the image/images you have purchased by visiting ‘My Orders’ section.

No. You will not be charged for re-download. To download images from your previous purchase, visit ‘My Orders’ section.

In order to print Invoice for any past sales order, visit ‘My Orders’ section by clicking on the top right menu and then click on ‘View’ against the corresponding Order ID you'd like to print. Click on ‘Print’.

Both RGB and CMYK are modes for mixing color in graphic design. As a quick reference, the RGB color mode is best for digital work, while CMYK is used for print products. An RGB format provides you with the most flexible format. That's why we deliver images in sRGB, a standard RGB colour space.

It's important that you know what resolution you need for the output device, we recommend that you consult with your printer to find out the specific capabilities of the device that will be used.

All images on our site are available with Non-Exclusive license. For more details, please visit our ‘Licensing’ and ‘Terms of Use’ page.

No, you CAN'T resell or redistribute photos licensed under ‘Licensing’ and ‘Terms of Use’ of the AuraShots License. This includes that you cannot sell them in other form too like prints (posters, postcards, etc.) or on physical goods (t-shirts, cups, etc.).

Non-Exclusive Rights means that other people can also buy the image you have chosen. That means, our images can be sold multiple times to different clients.

Yes. Every model shot with AuraShots needs to sign a written agreement with us wherein the model grants us the permission to use the photographs commercially. Agreement generally permits the use of the image(s) for all purposes, with exceptions for controversial, sensitive, pornography or defamatory uses.

AuraShots content depicting a person may not be used in any political context. This applies regardless of the subject of the photo. This means that AuraShots photos with identifiable people or trademark may not be used to promote, advertise, or endorse any political party, candidate, or elected official. They are also not permitted to be used in connection with any political policy or viewpoint.

Yes, all photos on AuraShots can be used for commercial use after purchase. You can use them on your commercial website, blog, product, or anywhere else as suggested in our previous question after you purchase the image.