About Us

AuraShots is a division of AuraKomms Media Pictures Pvt. Ltd. It is a stock photo e-commerce portal which has a huge collection of classic Indian Images. It is the brain child and founded by Surendra Gupta based in Mumbai, India.

Roots Behind AuraShots

The idea of AuraShots was coined as we felt the need to give life to our imaginative ideas with aurakomms.com – a 360-degree Advertising & Event Management Agency - the advertising arm of AuraKomms Media Pictures Pvt. Ltd. While developing creatives and concepts for our esteemed clients, we felt the need of having more image options with Indian faces and its culture than what it actually existed in the market. We at aurakomms.com realised the need to have more conceptualised pictures that will make our brand building exercise for our clients easier and hence AuraShots was born!


AuraShots has a huge collection of classic Indian images crafted for your creative needs. Every image is carefully shot with a concept keeping in mind the advertisers, content developers, marketers, visualisers and creative professionals across the globe that will catalyse their imaginative ideas while shaping up the brands.

AuraShots offers Indian Images of multiple types and dimensions catering to varied needs. Be it festivals, languages, religions, music, dance, architecture, food or art, India has a vibrant and diversified culture. In order to present this array of Indian culture and traditions, we have created a wide range of creative library at AuraShots by capturing different facets of India through our lenses.

Come, explore it!